3D Ultrasound and HD Ultrasound Images Gallery

Real screen captures from 3D Ultrasound and HD ultrasound sessions

The following 3D ultrasound image and HD ultrasound images are from actual 3D/4D/HD ultrasound sessions. Not only does our new HD ultrasound machine give you even greater detail than ever before, our 3D images are even clearer as well. From amazing stills to full-motion video, the 3D/4D/HD experience is sure to be a memorable one. Yawns, stretches, and even smiles are often captured in our 3D, 4D & HD ultrasounds, and we look forward to sharing this incredible technology with you!

HDLive Ultrasound Image Gallery using HD ultrasound technology

When is the best time for my 3D Ultrasound image?

There is always give and take at each stage of your baby’s development, but they are all beautiful. That’s why many mothers have more than one ultrasound performed during their pregnancy so have images to enjoy from their second and third trimesters.

What to expect to see between 15-28 weeks

Between 15-27 weeks, the baby is a bit thinner in appearance, and the facial details aren’t as developed, but we tend to get more of the baby on the screen and you can see more movement.

What to expect to see between 27-34 weeks

Between 27-34 weeks, the baby is chubbier in appearance, the face looks more like they’ll look on arrival, and we tend focus on the face or other body parts since the entire baby won’t fit on the screen.


3D Ultrasound Images Gallery

The following are pictures that demonstrate the difference a few weeks of growth can make.

4D Ultrasound Videos